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How to Draw Venom

Here’s a great drawing tutorial that I would love to share with you guys today. It will teach you “how to draw Venom,” the enemy that Spiderman faces. Personally, Venom is one of my favorite villains yet. Venom however has a lot in common with Spiderman style wise. Venom looks like the dark version of Spiderman. The information given to you right now will help you visualize Venom. It will not only help you visualize drawing with no help/tutorial, but it will also help you more when your viewing a tutorial. If your having a hard time with some parts, you can just think of some styles from Spiderman. There’s always something to help you draw, and that’s what I’ll be explaining and demonstrating.

Let’s move on with the real deal information. What do we know so far about drawing Venom? We know that he looks like Spiderman, we know that he’s muscular, and we know that he’s an enemy. All that information is like identifying. You know those artist that officers let you talk to? Those artist that draw the description that you give them. The description identifies the person that either beat you up or did something else bad. That’s what I’m using as a technique. Describing Venom’s looks and letting you draw what you read. I’m not going to do that through the entire tutorial, because I’ve just finished it at the beginning of this paragraph.

We’re now going to take a look at this YouTube video that teaches you how to draw Venom. It’s quite simple actually, and below the video, I’ve put some description and another drawing tutorial. This time it’s not a video, but a drawing tutorial. Like an image type drawing tutorial. If you find those boring, then don’t bother 😀 Enjoy the video!

Did you enjoy the drawing video? If not, I got something else to show you. I hope you like it because it was found on Dragoart. They give good tips and boy they have great service. You can view their full drawing tutorial here: How to Draw Venom. Other than that, enjoy the drawing tutorial that I’ve put together. Enjoy!

How to Draw Venom


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