How to Draw Carnage

We have learned how to draw Venom, so learning to draw Carnage shouldn’t be hard. You see, Carnage looks exactly like Venom, but without the goo/slime. It’s not really hard to draw Carnage at all. Don’t believe me? Well, here’s a lesson that will show you how, and by the time your done you’ll be surprised of how easy that was. Just takes practice-practice-practice! Pleading you won’t teach, but Going will. So let’s get started with my tips and then move on with the tutorials that I’ve found online.

First, draw the guidelines for a start (Obviously.) Now we continue with the second step which is: start drawing the slim effects. If struggling, imagine Venom all red and slimy. You could also think of flames. Now add the muscles for the third step. Last, wrap it up. Finish what you have.

I know tips don’t matter much to you guys because you just want to move on, but they could be helpful. Anyway, below are two tutorials found on the internet. I couldn’t find any other drawing tutorial on the web, so I used another from Dragoart. There’s also a drawing video that I want to share, so good luck with that as well.

How to Draw Carnage

Didn’t like it? Well here’s a drawing video found on YouTube. Very helpful indeed.

Tutorial Source
How to Draw Carnage drawing tutorial found on

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