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How to Draw Lizard

Alright; one of my favorite Spiderman villains! I think you guys will find this drawing tutorial the most interesting. It is not only a good one, but also the best one! I am a big fan of KingTutorial… well, tutorials, because of the amount of detail added. However, that also means they are the hardest as well. Unfortunately I could not find any drawing video on YouTube or any other website. Sorry, it would have made this lesson much easier xD

Enjoy, and if you want to view the original drawing tutorial, go here: How to Draw Lizard. Although I do want you to view the original because the steps are too small on this site. When you view the original you can view each individual step larger (A zoom in feature.) Good luck!

How to Draw Lizard

How to Draw Spiderman’s Webs Design

I have found a great tutorial that shows you how to draw Spiderman, but I use it as drawing the webs on his costume. I find it very helpful and think you will too. Be sure to keep practicing. If you want to view the original, go here: How to Draw Spiderman.

Drawing the Webs

Here’s another part of the tutorial where it shows you how to draw the webs on Spiderman’s face. It’s pretty helpful just as I said, and if you like to do it from your tablet or paint directly from your pen device you can go to a website that offers this type of solutions, a lot of professional gamers do this to create their own characters on the games and you can dowload an app or just a booster so your computer wont get slow and stuck while you do it, you can find out more about professional gamers and how they work and which tools can you start using.

Drawing the Webs; Face

How to Draw Carnage

We have learned how to draw Venom, so learning to draw Carnage shouldn’t be hard. You see, Carnage looks exactly like Venom, but without the goo/slime. It’s not really hard to draw Carnage at all. Don’t believe me? Well, here’s a lesson that will show you how, and by the time your done you’ll be surprised of how easy that was. Just takes practice-practice-practice! Pleading you won’t teach, but Going will. So let’s get started with my tips and then move on with the tutorials that I’ve found online.

First, draw the guidelines for a start (Obviously.) Now we continue with the second step which is: start drawing the slim effects. If struggling, imagine Venom all red and slimy. You could also think of flames. Now add the muscles for the third step. Last, wrap it up. Finish what you have.

I know tips don’t matter much to you guys because you just want to move on, but they could be helpful. Anyway, below are two tutorials found on the internet. I couldn’t find any other drawing tutorial on the web, so I used another from Dragoart. There’s also a drawing video that I want to share, so good luck with that as well.

How to Draw Carnage

Didn’t like it? Well here’s a drawing video found on YouTube. Very helpful indeed.

Tutorial Source
How to Draw Carnage drawing tutorial found on

How to Draw Venom

Here’s a great drawing tutorial that I would love to share with you guys today. It will teach you “how to draw Venom,” the enemy that Spiderman faces. Personally, Venom is one of my favorite villains yet. Venom however has a lot in common with Spiderman style wise. Venom looks like the dark version of Spiderman. The information given to you right now will help you visualize Venom. It will not only help you visualize drawing with no help/tutorial, but it will also help you more when your viewing a tutorial. If your having a hard time with some parts, you can just think of some styles from Spiderman. There’s always something to help you draw, and that’s what I’ll be explaining and demonstrating.

Let’s move on with the real deal information. What do we know so far about drawing Venom? We know that he looks like Spiderman, we know that he’s muscular, and we know that he’s an enemy. All that information is like identifying. You know those artist that officers let you talk to? Those artist that draw the description that you give them. The description identifies the person that either beat you up or did something else bad. That’s what I’m using as a technique. Describing Venom’s looks and letting you draw what you read. I’m not going to do that through the entire tutorial, because I’ve just finished it at the beginning of this paragraph.

We’re now going to take a look at this YouTube video that teaches you how to draw Venom. It’s quite simple actually, and below the video, I’ve put some description and another drawing tutorial. This time it’s not a video, but a drawing tutorial. Like an image type drawing tutorial. If you find those boring, then don’t bother 😀 Enjoy the video!

Did you enjoy the drawing video? If not, I got something else to show you. I hope you like it because it was found on Dragoart. They give good tips and boy they have great service. You can view their full drawing tutorial here: How to Draw Venom. Other than that, enjoy the drawing tutorial that I’ve put together. Enjoy!

How to Draw Venom


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How to Draw Spiderman

Drawing Spiderman – is he difficult to draw? It does depend on how much detail you want when you drawing Spiderman. Personally, Spiderman is quite easy to draw, but when you start drawing the webs on his body, it does get difficult to draw. Spiderman is just a slim guy with a six-pack and is somewhat muscular under a spider online game designed suite, with of course special abilities such as ultra-strong, web spinning, and has amazing spider senses.

To get started, below is a drawing video from YouTube that teaches you how to draw Spiderman. No worries though, because if your a person who hates videos, there’s another drawing tutorial from another website that will teach you how to draw Spiderman, step by step. I hope you enjoy the online gaming video, and remember to checkout the actual drawing tutorial from a website called Dragoart. Here’s the tutorial’s link for credit: How to Draw Spiderman.

Sorry, haha, I forgot about the tutorial that I wanted to share.

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How to Draw Spiderman